Do You Need Hard or Soft Castor Wheels in Your Situation?

The castor wheel is a brilliant invention, as it takes the rolling functionality of the conventional wheel and adds a tremendous amount of dexterity. These wheels were created for a variety of different environments, as they allow machines and equipment to be moved easily from one side to another, backward, forward and diagonally. There are a variety of different types of castor wheel and you'll need to choose according to your particular needs. One of the biggest questions you may face is whether to choose soft or hard wheels. What do you need to bear in mind here?

Primary Consideration

Usually, the type of flooring will dictate whether you affix soft or hard castors to your equipment or furniture. Typically, the hard version should only be used on surfaces covered by carpet, while the soft version should only be used where it is hard underfoot.

Suitability for Surface

If you use hard castors on hard surfaces like wood or tile, then they won't get the correct amount of "purchase" and will slide rather than roll. This will inevitably scratch the surface beneath and while you may not be able to notice the damage immediately, over time you certainly will and may have to resurface down the road. Conversely, these hard castors will move easily over soft surfaces, as that is what they were designed for. Soft castors, on the other hand, will not. If you fit the wrong type to your office chair on the carpet, you will have some difficulty in moving from one point to another.

Safety Considerations

Another point to bear in mind is safety. If you fit hard castors on a hard surface they are going to slide rather than roll and will move when you least expect it. This could, of course, put you or your equipment at risk and injuries could result.

Making Adaptations

If you do happen to have the wrong type of castor for the room or environment in question, you can either swap them out for the more appropriate version or in some circumstances you might buy a special mat. Put a mat underneath your office chair and this will help you to keep control on a day-to-day basis. A carpeted mat under a hard castor will work perfectly, while a hard matter under a soft castor will also do the trick.

Getting the Right Fit

Have a word with your supplier to make sure that your equipment and furniture is properly kitted out for everyday use. Contact companies that sell castor wheels for more information and assistance. 

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