Beat the Heat and Get Your Truck Prepared for Summer

Driving a truck is a potentially dangerous business and one in which the particular risks vary depending on the conditions outside. While preparedness for winter weather is talked about fairly widely, not so many people are aware of the way in which hot weather conditions can affect the way a truck can be driven. It can also be an uncomfortable experience for the driver when the temperature rises.

To make sure you're operating as safely as possible, and you're not stuck in extreme discomfort, make sure you get your truck ready for any incoming hot weather. This summer truck checklist will help you prepare:

Get the air conditioning serviced

If you get one thing professionally checked before the hot weather arrives, make it your truck's air con. Being enclosed in a large, powerful vehicle in the heat of summer is not only unpleasant without the cooling system in operation, it can also be dangerous.

Have a full service to minimise the chance of any problems arising, and you'll avoid overheating when you're driving.

Check your tyres

Winter tyres are designed to grip in cold, icy conditions, but they don't perform as well when it's hot and dry. If you currently have cold weather tyres on your truck, it's worth changing them.

If your truck tyres are suitable and don't need to be changed, it's still worth checking them carefully. In particular, air pressure can rise rapidly in hot weather, and the rubber surface can easily crack. As such, you should inspect your tyres closely before each drive, and regularly along the way. If you see any problems developing, stop immediately.

Make sure you're equipped

It's worth keeping a few bottles of water in your truck so you always have something to drink, especially if there's an emergency and you're stuck somewhere. You might also find a small portable fan useful, and a change of clothes if you're expecting it to heat up after you set off.

Change your coolant

Engines can overheat very easily during the hot part of the year, so it's essential that your coolant is working at its peak. It won't cost you much time or money to have the coolant flushed and replaced, so don't put it off.

Keep an eye on rubber parts

Heat makes rubber crack, especially if it follows a period of colder weather. Make sure your windscreen wipers and engine belts are all damage-free and fit for purpose.

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