Are Your Tyres in Good Shape? Learn When You Need Tyre Replacement

When your car is new, everything is in good shape. But as you continue to drive your motor, its components begin wearing out, thus becoming inefficient. For instance, tyres wear down over time and they can make you lose control of the car when driving. For this reason, it is vital to ensure your vehicle's tyres are always in good condition by getting them repaired and replaced on time. Below are signs that your tyres need replacement:

The Treads Are Worn Out

The ideal depth of the tyre treads should be above 1.6 millimetres. However, you need twice as much tread depth if you constantly drive on wet or slick surfaces. So, it is vital to continually measure the depth of the treads since your tyres leave tiny rubber pieces every time they rotate along the road. Eventually, the tyres will wear out, compromising their grip on the road. 

Therefore, visit your car repair shop regularly to get your tread depth measured. When the tread thickness falls below the recommended range, it is vital to replace the tyres immediately to ensure your safety while driving. 

The Tyre Has Weak Spots

Another common tyre problem is damage to the sidewalls. Unlike treads, inspecting the sidewalls is easy. All you need to do is check for any cuts or tracks that may be present on the sides of the tyres. Any mark on the sidewalls that stands out is a sign of tyre damage that could have serious consequences. Sometimes bulges and tracks on the tyre's sidewall are a sign of weakness and could cause your tyre to blow at any moment. At this point, getting a replacement may be the best choice.

The Air Is Leaking Out

When a tyre gets damaged or punctured, its pressure drops. When this happens, you will likely visit your car repair shop for the necessary repairs. However, you might be dealing with a more severe problem if the issue keeps recurring. For instance, the filler valve or the inner tube could be damaged. Also, worn-out tyres may have invisible cracks that allow air to leak out. These issues mostly reflect severe damage requiring a complete tyre replacement.  

These are some signs of tyre damage that you should not ignore. So, when you notice any of them, take your car to the auto shop for tyre replacement. That way, you increase your safety and the safety of other road users.

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