Should You Book Your Vehicle in for a Four-Wheel Tyre Alignment?

Have you noticed that your car's steering wheel seems slightly angled to one side when you are driving in a straight line? Or, do you constantly adjust your steering when driving down the motorway to stay in the proper lane? In these situations, it sounds like your wheels are out of alignment, and you need to schedule a visit with your technician. However, perhaps they need to look at all four wheels rather than just two, as is common in a wheel and tyre alignment. What does this involve?

The Importance of Alignment

Each wheel and tyre sits on a part of the suspension known as a hub or on the end of an axle. The wheel needs to be somewhat independent so that it can turn while the rest of the vehicle components remain static. This is also important if the car is to manoeuvre effectively while giving the occupants a comfortable ride.

Careful Adjustments

To enable all this, technicians must make careful adjustments to the various suspension and steering components. They will typically do this during a major service or when new tyres are fitted to the car.

Falling Out Of Alignment

However, these alignments can fall out of adjustment whenever you drive into a large pothole or inadvertently hit the curb. Sometimes, other parts of the suspension may begin to wear out, and this can also lead to discrepancies.

Growing List of Problems

If you don't make readjustments, you may continue to suffer from a wandering car or a wonky steering wheel. But you may also notice that your tyres wear out quickly as the sidewalls may begin to scrub due to increased friction.

All-Round Performance

Today, technicians pay attention to the back wheels, as well as the front wheels (which do most of the steering work). Even though these wheels should effectively follow the same track as the front, small variations can also cause performance issues. 

Four-Wheel Alignment

Therefore, think about placing your vehicle on a four-wheel alignment system. This uses special mirrors and software to determine if the rear wheels are perfectly aligned with the front. If necessary, the technician can adjust the toe or camber angles all-round for better performance.

Scheduling Your Appointment

So, in order to avoid worn tyres, poor performance and driving difficulties, it may be time for you to get a four-wheel alignment.

Reach out to a tyre alignment shop for more information.

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