Three Questions You Should Ask About Your Tyres At A Tyre Shop

Nobody can be an expert in every aspect of their daily lives, which is why you call a plumber when your shower stops working or an accountant to take care of your taxes. In the same way, tyre shop mechanics hold a lot of knowledge that can come in very hand for most Australians who know very little about their cars. This is no knock on your intelligence, as everyone has areas of expertise, and unless yours is cars, you could definitely benefit from an expert's opinion. Here are three questions you should ask at a tyre shop to ensure you get the best tyres.

Are Your Tyres Aligned?

One problem that can wear out tyres quickly is if your wheels are not correctly aligned. Most tyre shops have the capabilities on-site to fix this issue, and if they don't, then they will direct you to the nearest mechanic who can. Fixing unaligned tyres can take a little bit of time, so you may need to leave your vehicle there for a few hours. However, after your wheels are quite literally back on track, you will notice just how much smoother the ride is. Not only will your tyres thank you for it, but your whole car will as well.

Are Your Tyres Too Big Or Small?

You want tyres that are appropriate for your vehicle, and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to tyres. If you aren't completely sure whether or not your car's tyres are too big or small but you have a feeling they might be the incorrect size, then ask your local tyre shop about it. They see dozens of cars every day and they know exactly how big (or small) your tyres should be for your particular type of car. They probably even know what tyres would make your journey smoother in the long run, so take their advice to heart.

Are There Cheaper Tyres Out There For The Same Price?

Branded tyres and generic tyres can often provide close to the same amount of value with drastically different price tags. Tyre shops often stock their own (or a lesser-known but still just as good) tyre brand and are happy to install them for you. You can save a lot of money this way, while also not sacrificing any safety. However, some cars can only run on tyres that are specific to that brand, so make sure you know where your car fits into this dynamic before buying anything. 

Contact a local tyre shop to learn more.

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